Spooky Pines

Step 1 Grab yourself a Spooky Pine
Step 2 Remove our Spooky Pine tag and cut the top/crown off
Step 3 Run your knife around the inside of the Pineapple to separate the flesh from the skin
Step 4 Use one of our stencils to carve out your eyes and mouth into the skin
Step 5 Use your knife to cut through the mouth to separate the core from the bottom of the pineapple
Step 6 Pop out the flesh (be sure to check out our recipe page to utilise the delicious pineapple)
Step 7 Pop a candle inside, put the top back on and BOO! Your Spooky Pine is ready to spook!


Forget the Pumpkin, this Halloween is all about the Spooky Pines! Carve your own pineapple to be the centerpiece of your Halloween decorations and use the flesh of the pineapple for a tasty treat.

You can find our limited edition Pure Gold Pineapples in your local Coles, Woolworths and other various supermarkets around Australia.

Grab the kids and select your favourite Spooky Pine stencil to carve into the Pineapple, or even use as decorations!

Watch our Grower Sam Pike provide his tips on carving a Spooky Pine.