Our pineapples

Pure Gold Pineapples are premium fresh pineapples being grown and produced by our proud Australian Growers in Queensland.

Our growers produce two different types of pineapple, the MD2 and 73-50.
73-50 are grown all year round and provides our sweet and delicious Pure Gold Pineapple variations.
MD2 are what we refer to as our Summer Fruit and our Yeppoon based growers grow this variety for our Summer Sweet Tags. Much like our 73-50 they are sweet and have our pure golden flesh.

We take pride of the quality of our Pure Gold Pineapples that provide our consumers with the refreshing balance of natural sweetness and acidity. Pure Gold Pineapples are individually hand-picked when fruits achieved its optimum ripeness thus the beautiful golden flesh inside.

Pure Gold Pineapples are primarily sold “crownless” or “tops off” for good reason – our Growers need the crowns for their next planting.

Our fresh pineapples come in a wide range of sizes that make our Pure Gold Family brand popularly known as the Mini Gold, Extra Large Gold and Queensland Gold, available for you all year round.

In special occasions such our Spooky Pines promotion in October, our Pure Gold Pineapples are sold with the “crown on”.