It's Question Time!

Below we have answered most of your frequently asked questions.

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How do you grow your pineapples?

All our Pure Gold pineapples begin as cuttings. They are planted by hand in rows straight into the soil as the crop workers move along the rows in customised planting machines. It’s a labour-intensive trade that involves skillfulness, hard work and concentration.

How do I know if my pineapple is ripe?

The colour of a pineapple's skin can naturally vary between summer and winter, but they are always ready to eat as soon as they hit the stores. So you can't easily judge a pineapple by its cover. Nor can you test it by thumping it or pulling a leaf from the crown.

Instead, check that the fruit is free from soft spots or bruises, and if it has a top, make sure the leaves are fresh and green.

Contrary to what most people think, pineapples don't need to ripen at home. If they're on the shelf, they're ready to eat immediately.

Why are your pineapples sold without their top?

Our Pineapples are grown from fresh tops (seedlings), we cut the crown (top) off when harvesting the pineapple so we can plant it to grow the next crop.

Why do you have so many different labels?

We have different labels to describe the pineapple by size and season – all part of the pure gold family.

The bigger fruit we sell has the “extra-large” tag, our baby pines are sold with “mini gold” tags, we have ”gold crown” tags for our special tops on gold variety, the latest addition is our “winter sweet” which are our super sweet pines that are sold in winter and our original “pure Gold”.

How do you pick your pineapples?

Our pineapples are all picked by hand! A team of workers pick each pineapple from the plant and then cut off the top and place the fruit on a mechanical boom

The fruit and tops are harvested at the same time, pineapples for you and tops for replanting and the next crop.

Where can I buy your pineapples?

Our Pure Gold Pineapples are available in Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, IGA and all good local independent retailers.

How do we get a job at pure gold pineapples?

Our availability goes up and down with the different seasons and different growing regions, forward you resume through to or call (07) 49390200

What food traceability systems do you have in place?

We are able to trace every tray of pineapple right through to retail in accordance with requirements by Food Standards Aust & NZ.

This helps us identify and correct any hiccups in the supply chain.