How to pick a pineapple

“Choosing a good pineapple is as simple as looking at the appearance and their size” – Adam Pike


“Make sure the skin is still nice and firm and the base leaves are still green” – Ben Clifton   “In summer the fruit doesn’t need to be so coloured as it is always ripe inside and in winter the fruit needs more colour” – Ian Fullerton   “Smell the fruit for sweetness and while you’re looking make sure the fruit doesn’t look tired and old” – Ryan Brooks

Summer fruit ready for market

We pick all of our pineapples when they are ripe and ready for market, getting them on the shelves for consumers within two to five days (a day or two extra for Perth). This ensures they are perfect to eat from the day you buy them.

However, we recommend the following general tips on choosing a pineapple:

  • Look for a pineapple that's a good weight for its size. While larger pineapples will have a greater proportion of edible flesh, there is no difference in quality between a small and large size pineapple.
  • Pineapples should be free of soft spots, bruises and darkened “eyes” – all of which may indicate a pineapple is damaged or past its prime.
  • Pineapples change flavour as the skin colours and the acids turn to esters. The flavour on your tongue is the mix of acid and sugar and as the acid reduces, the flesh turns a deeper yellow and the flavour mellows. Pineapples are not able to produce sugar once harvested as they do not have a reserve of starch to convert.

Winter fruit ready for market

Remember; we pick our pineapples "just right" for the time of year so that they arrive at your table in prime condition. You should look out for different skin colours depending on the season:

  • Summer – look for greener fruit with at least a ring of colour from the base.
  • Winter – look for more coloured fruit with at least ½ colour.

Follow these tips when you're trying to choose a pineapple, or just look for the Pure Gold tag for a great pineapple every time!