Pineapples are thought to have originated in Brasil and Paraguay in South America. They were first discovered by Europeans in 1493 on the Caribbean Island now known as Guadeloupe. Pineapples arrived in the Caribbean after centuries of Indian migration and commerce.

When Christopher Columbus and other discoverers brought pineapples back to Europe, attempts were made to cultivate the sweet, prized fruit until it was realised that the fruit’s need for a tropical climate inhibited its ability to flourish outside of the tropics.

By the end of the 16th century, Portuguese and Spanish explorers introduced pineapples into many of their Asian, African and South Pacific colonies – countries in which pineapples are still grown today.

Lutheran missionaries introduced the pineapple to Australia in the 1830’s and it now grows predominantly along the coast of Queensland.



These pineapples are naturally sweet, high in vitamin C and low in acid and have a much darker golden flesh than traditional smooth pineapples. In fact, one serve (100gm) of Pure Gold pineapple provides your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C!

They are consistently sweet and very high quality all year round which makes them perfect for all pineapple recipes. You will find them in the supermarket without their “crown” or top, as this top is replanted to grow another pineapple plant back on the farm.